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Data-Driven Healthcare:
Cutting Through the Hype

Healthcare leaders are inundated with endless messages of data-driven products and services as the magic solution to any problem. Unfortunately, the pitch often ends there, leaving even the most data-savvy decision-makers with the daunting task of separating sensationalized pitch-deck and sales information from reality.

Healthcare organizations globally are investing significant resources in re-architecting their technology stacks in order to drive value from their data. Data solutions have been proven to:

  • Boost patient engagement;
  • Increase levels of member satisfaction;
  • Enhance the quality of care.

The key, however, to leveraging these technologies to drive business value lies in the alignment of identified business needs. Without a clear direction of how to effectively incorporate these solutions into their business strategy and address a specific line of business or patient population, healthcare decision-makers are left with hammers seeking nails.

VirtualHealth’s HELIOS care management solution was built to power the complete ecosystem of care, and has been data agnostic since 2012. VirtualHealth has worked and integrated with an extensive range of innovative, data-driven products and services that address topics such as:

  • Social determinants of health;
  • Pre-arranged transportation rides;
  • Data visualization solutions.

These integrations enable care managers to use data and workflows to increase efficiency and optimize care for more than 8 million lives across the United States. Insights from these deployments can guide organizations in making informed, strategic decisions on how to implement the right solution. Further, VirtualHealth believes that transparency around and awareness of potential implementation risks is imperative to begin a discussion around data that truly moves healthcare forward.

Read VirtualHealth’s white paper to learn how healthcare organizations can reap the promise of data-driven solutions and harness the power of the data at their disposal. Find out how you can help your organization can enhance revenue growth, drive administrative efficiency, improve cost and quality of care, and improve the member experience.

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