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Comprehensive COVID-19 Care Management Capability

We have developed a comprehensive, evidence-based assessment tool for care managers to remotely collect information on individuals at-risk for COVID-19.

The tool automatically integrates with communications, case management, care planning, and outcomes tracking capabilities. It then enables healthcare executives to leverage the aggregated data to monitor population trends in real-time via dashboards and reports.

Providers can fill out the survey

Providers can fill out the survey for their patients based on reported symptoms.

Care Managers can administer the survey

Care managers can administer the survey remotely with their members.

Managed patients can access and fill out the survey

Managed patients can access and fill out the survey themselves.

HELIOS Feature Explanation

End-to-End Functionality

Once submitted, HELIOS®' proprietary clinical decision rule engines instantaneously processes the COVID-19 Screener Survey and automatically directs care managers to the appropriate:

  • Treatments
  • Communications
  • Education
  • Care Planning Activities
NCQA Prevalidated for Population Health Management

Fight COVID-19 at the Population Level

Pre-validated by the NCQA, the HELIOS® solution helps healthcare organizations to better manage their populations with increased efficiency and productivity. 

HELIOS® helps your team:

  • Meet quality incentive requirements for Medicaid and Medicare
  • Incorporate social determinants and community services as part of care management
  • Optimize care through extensive clinical content
  • Monitor population trends in real-time with aggregated data through population dashboards and reports
  • Create healthier members through better outcomes while lowering costs

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